The Metaphysical Ruin

The wire mesh and the language of transparency narrate shape and space of the absent matter as a representation of something that was there and then disappeared.

If related to a monument, it triggers, in addition to the dialogue with space, a relationship with time and history, and leads the visitor to enter into direct and physical contact with the architecture that characterized a place.

The Metaphysical Ruin is a further phase of the architectural life cycle. It reintroduces the shapes of the original architecture, reignites the memory, but at the same time accompanies the visitor in a new emotional and dreamlike experience of the space and contaminates itself with the contemporary landscape.

And this is how contemporary languages interact and confront themselves with past: experiencing the Metaphysical Ruin means to live a temporal interpenetration, different from the mere contemplation of the ruin.

A dimension which goes beyond architecture and narrates temporal contrasts and symbiosis, while absorbing and filtering the landscape languages. It is capable to awake the experience of wonder, the authentic and ancestral principle of knowledge that leads to the metaphysics of myth’s structures and, simultaneously, projects into the present.


BODW 2017, Hong Kong, December 9